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5 Fun Accessories for Playsets

Child sitting on wood playset

You’ve likely seen some playsets in Delray Beach that stand out because of their unique looks. This is likely due to accessories that were purchased separately from the playset itself. Some accessories can entirely change the look of the playset. They can even change how the equipment functions. Continue reading to find five great ideas to reinvent your children’s old outdoor playset.

1. Firefighter’s Pole

A firefighter’s pole is a great accessory to any playset because of its versatility. It can be placed just about anywhere on the playset, and it adds another activity for your kids to enjoy.

The only downside is that these poles can only be attached to wooden playsets. They require you to drill into the wood of the playset to attach it. There’s simply no way to securely attach it to a plastic one.

2. Saucer Swing

There’s often no reason to have more than two standard plank swings on a playset. You can add some much-needed change to your kid’s playset by replacing one of the plank swings with an innovative saucer swing.

A saucer swing is similar to a tire swing, but it is made out of a softer and safer material. It allows the kid to lie down and be swung by an adult or another child. Delray Beach kids’ playsets can benefit greatly from saucer swings because they give the children a chance to relax and cool off after a hard play session in the heat.

3. Sand or Mulch

Rather than a simple accessory, sand or mulch will make your children’s playset a much safer place. The idea is to build a raised bed around the playset and fill it up with soft mulch or sand.

It’s especially useful for playsets that have slides. Your kids won’t have rough landings when they come down the slide anymore. Whether you decide to use sand or mulch, your kids will love the fact that they aren’t landing on the hard ground when they slip down the slide or fall off the swing.

4. Binocular or Telescope

This one is a little different than the other accessories on this list. While the other items here encourage your kids to move their bodies, a telescope or pair of binoculars will inspire their imagination.

Many playsets already come with a telescope, but you can add one yourself at the top of a slide’s platform or any other flat plane on the playset. Your children will love playing with the telescope, and it will encourage a level of creativity that’s missing from the playset.

5. Kool Canopy

The Kool Kid Shady Canopy is made out of high-quality sports material. It’s intended to provide a cooler area for your kids to play. It also creates a unique look for the playset.

This mold- and weather-resistant canopy works by blocking out the majority of harmful UV rays. It’s perfect for playsets in Delray Beach. It doesn’t totally block out the sunlight; it merely stops most of the UV rays from reaching the kids underneath.

These canopies are also very versatile, coming in several different shapes, sizes, and colors. Contact us at Kool Kids Shady today to see how you can use them to perk up your Delray Beach kids’ playsets.