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5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Kid Friendly

Big backyard space is a huge blessing and if you’re lucky enough to have it in your house, so make sure that you’re making the most of it. A backyard can be your kid’s favorite place, and spending time outside is a great way to keep your kids happy, healthy, and occupied in a good way. 

Staying cooped up all day, watching TV, or playing video games can be bad for your kid’s physical and mental health. Playing outside gives them some fresh air and sun, as well as physical activity. 

However, not all backyards are well suited to leave your kids unsupervised. Here are some ways to make your backyard kids-friendly and create the perfect space for your kids to spend their afternoons in. 

1. Install a Fence or Screen for Privacy 

If you don’t have a fence around your backyard and the space opens out into the street or to your neighbor’s home, that can be a serious risk to your kids’ safety and privacy. You can’t leave your kids out in the yard unattended if there is a chance that they might wander off or that any outsider can approach them. You must install a fence or some kind of outdoor privacy screen to ensure that your kids are safe and protected while they play outside. The fence should be sturdy and at a height that ensures that nobody can peek into the yard from outside. 

2. Have Comfortable Seating 

While children love to roll around in the grass and get muddy, it’s not ideal that they spend all of their time on the ground. In the early mornings, the grass is wet from dew and can be quite cold, and in the evenings, there are plenty of bugs that can bite and disturb the kids. It would be a good idea to have alternative seating options in the backyard for the kids to make use of. You can invest in some great patio furniture or just keep some of your old furniture outside. Other than just for playtime, your kids can sit outside at a table to do their homework or work on some arts and crafts. 

3. Put Up Shades to Protect from Weather Conditions 

The sun can be extremely harsh in the afternoons to the point where the kids won’t want to spend any time outside. Rainy days can also result in them being cooped up inside for hours. Shades or screens can be put up to keep out the worst of the harsh weather conditions. If you do install some shades and screens, the kids can be outside whenever they please, and you don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen every few hours or about the kids getting cold after a rainy day.

4. Set Up a Playset 

While kids have no trouble keeping themselves entertained and have the best imaginations, they may get bored of being outside without anything in particular to go. It would be a great idea to set up a playset with swings and slides. Different playsets are better suited for kids with different age ranges. You can even have a canopy or sunshade installed over the playset so that your kids can comfortably spend their afternoons playing and enjoying themselves. You can get in touch with Kool Kid Shady to find the perfect outdoor playset sunshade that will suit your needs best. Contact them at their website where you can even fill out a form with any questions or ask for a quote. 

5. Remove Any Toxic or Harmful Plants 

Kids can be guilty of pulling at plants and weeds or putting things in their mouths when they shouldn’t be. If you’re leaving your kids in the backyard unattended, it would be good to make sure that there aren’t any toxic or harmful plants growing around that can pose a danger to the kids. Hydrangeas, daffodils, poison ivy, various cacti, and thorny plants can all be harmful to your kids and cause all sorts of problems if touched or accidentally ingested. If you have many plants growing in the backyard, try and identify each of them and do your research to ensure that they are completely safe for the kids to be around.

Our Final Thoughts

If your kids like to spend time outside, that habit should be encouraged. Being outside can be great for their mental and physical health, keeping them active and closer to nature. However, you want to ensure that the kids are completely safe while outside. Follow our tips to keep your kids safe and healthy while spending their days in the backyard.