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7 Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Playsets and Swing Sets

Outdoor playset in home's backyard

One of the best ways to keep your children entertained and active outdoors is with playsets and swing sets that are on the property. Not only are the sets fun to enjoy, but they can last for several years with the right level of care and maintenance. There are a few important maintenance tips to follow to ensure your little ones can get more use out of the structures.

1. Clean the Parts

Wipe down the parts on your outdoor playsets in Delray Beach every month to prevent a build-up of dirt and grime from accumulating, which can cause premature wear and tear.

2. Place the Playsets in the Shade

Excessive sun exposure can cause a lot of wear and tear on playsets, making it necessary to keep them in areas of the yard where shade is present. Place the set near a tree or awning, which will also keep the parts cool to use on hot days when your kids want to play outside. You can even install a sun shade over a swing set to block the sun and create a cool setting for your kids.

3. Stain and Seal the Wood Parts

Wood is one of the most common materials used on playsets and can become dry and cracked over time as it sits outdoors. Staining and sealing the wood parts once each year can keep the playset looking new and strong to ensure it remains stable. Placing a sun shade over a swing set from a company like Kool Kids Shady will also preserve the quality of the wood materials over time.

4. Perform an Inspection

Perform an inspection on the swingset or playset each season to determine if there are any repairs that are needed. This will maintain the function of the different features that are present and will also make it safe to continue using.

5. Remove Some of the Parts

If some of the parts can be detached, you can remove them when the playset isn’t in use, specifically when the temperatures drop, or it snows outside. This includes removing a sun shade for a swing set, which can be stored in a shed or garage.

6. Follow the Weight Recommendations

When you have outdoor playsets in Delray Beach, always follow the weight recommendations to avoid causing damage to the parts. This will also reduce the risk of injuries that can occur as the children play.

7. Tighten the Parts

When the playset is in use, check all of the bolts and nails to ensure they can be secured and aren’t coming loose. This includes checking the hardware on a sun shade for a swing set to ensure it stays in place throughout the season.

Maintaining your swing set or playset will increase its lifespan and prevent issues from occurring. We encourage you to contact us if you want to learn additional tips on how to maintain the playset and keep it looking new.