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Animation effects that you can add to your website

The icons below those links enlarge when moused over so that you know which one you’re about to click on. This website for voice actor/presenter Pete Nottage is one of the best on the web for animations. When you first load the site, the Pete Nottage logo appears with a little red swipe across it—a sure hint that the brand is about bringing color to what was once dull. Cars drive around the city, boats sail around the sea, planes fly through the air and each building has a special animation when you click on it. Arrive Hydrated uses motion animations for website to capture the attention of its users.

website animation effects

No matter which page you decide to go to, this animation will be present, perfectly matching the character of the brand. The best animation keeps you engaged from start to finish, and your website should follow that same principle. From the moment your user logs in to the second they click away, you are responsible for guiding them from one area to another. Again, we’re taking a dry subject and adding just the right amount of animation to grab the viewer’s attention. However, that is a crucial skill that not every business owner has .

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I’m talking about something more shouting “animation is here” situations. They say, if people make even small efforts to get something, they appreciate it more and remember it longer. So it’s a good idea to let website visitors enjoy some interactive content and engage them more.

Its popularity fluctuates, but it’s always there somewhere, as an essential component in any web site. Get a complete grip on all aspects of web designing to build high-converting and creativity-oozing websites. Access our list of high-quality articles and elevate your skills.

website animation effects

Claymorphism is one of the graphic design trends of 2022 that fits flawlessly into the capabilities of vector animation. The Cyberpunk subgenre finds its way among recent trends in animation by riding the wave of Y2K nostalgia. A fine-tuned design style that revisits cyberpunk ideologies will most likely have these web animations trending even beyond 2022. For this reason, morphing web animations are also a valuable SEO asset. Designing web animations using a restricted color palette is a trend that puts an emphasis on conveying emotions. Color is an excellent moodsetter, so it can actually be easier for you to create a straightforward design by following this trend.


This is the very creative portfolio of a web designer, featuring plenty of animations, videos and photos throughout the site. The website animations of this homepage are simple and very smooth. While you scroll down, different text pops up, allowing the viewer to focus on the text in front, rather than the one under it. As you scroll through, the name M PREZ starts to disappear until there’s only M. Then M is followed by different company names, along with some beautiful pictures. The use of blue and white throughout this website design is outstanding.

If a picture says a thousand words, we’d say that an animated picture tells 5,000 or probably even more. You can use it freely, respecting the terms included in the license file. Get the best, coolest, and latest in design and no-code delivered to your inbox each week. For more of these awesome vignettes like this one, check out the creator’s CodePen profile and start thinking up ideas for yourself. However, we couldn’t resist adding one last example that blew us away. This “Watch Tower” example is probably beyond the scope of this piece in its complexity, but it’s also a testament to what CSS and HTML alone can accomplish.

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It has an attractive style of content display that manifests great animation too. The hero header has a simple logo display and a clean headline. Get your message to last longer by integrating visually appealing animations on your website. You’ll find various websites with excellent and super creative designs in this magnificent inspiration. Beyond Beauty focuses on four women known for their appearance and creatively exhibits their inner beauty. It features a full-screen layout highlighting the women using their photos through a slider.

It is capable of working with DOM elements, SVGs, static images or animated images. CSSynth is a small editor where you can enjoy the beauty of synchronization. The animation is based on a range of squares the number of which you can specify on the left panel. Select an effect, set delay and choose whether you want to download the result code in CSS or SCSS format.

  • In this way, the user will know that they have triggered a specific response.
  • Whether big or small, animations can enhance the experience users receive when they visit your website.
  • The great thing is that you are welcome to use your own classes or even Animate.css to create something awesome.
  • As you continue to scroll down, some texts will appear and everything you hover over has a zoom effect.

This website implements smooth and subtle animations on different sections. It also uses a nice asymmetrical layout to display the content attractively. Aside from that, the website also appears clean and modern with the white space it manifests. Furthermore, the cursor adds charm to the design, changing in different sections. That’s not all, it also comes with video integration, so introducing the brand is quick and clear. This list will find various brands implementing smooth, subtle, and impressive animations.

Get inspired by these animation websites that are worth spending your time with. You can find various inspirations in building your website, but this list can help you finalize your features effectively. Suso is a digital agency that executes result-driven, technical SEO strategies based on core principles. It has a great, clean, modern design, perfect for inspiration.

This type of menu is moving together with your scroll, so you can always easily access the navigation bar and go to the intended page easily. The animation techniques we’ve listed here are only a tiny fraction of what web creators can accomplish when adding animated features to their websites. More and more inspiration becomes available every day, and there’s so much to see and learn.

Currently, the team names are for football, both collegiate and professional, which appeal to an American audience glued to the popular Autumn sport. You see a familiar name, your Front End Developer Job Profile What Does A Front End Developer Do favorite sports team and you can’t help but want to go get that Coke. To make the most out of animations, give them a purpose, says Joe Jordan, creative director at JK Design.

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Keeping the viewer’s attention is just as vital, if not more difficult. These elements are as important for websites as they are for advertisements, and you can achieve both with movement. So, I guess there is no doubt that website animation is essential. The question is what kind of animation effects to use, how complex they should be, and how they can influence the website performance. Morphing is the effect of the seamless and smooth transformation of one object into another. It looks fascinating and draws attention but also gives the feeling that the website is well-conceived and designed with a hint of sophistication.

Favorably, the website exhibits seamless animation as it integrates the power of GSAP. Hence, the text, images, buttons, and other elements add elegance and creativity to the design. That’s not all, the client presentation also look clean and modern with monochrome logos. Moreover, this website also improves its credibility by adding testimonials through a slider.

Aside from the firm’s name, an off-canvas menu is also added to offer ease in navigation. Each page reveals gorgeous and creative design, including clear transcriptions, lovely images, a seamless timeline, and more. Echo introduces what we can name the best animation format for websites. When a viewer scrolls down, information is provided via a scrolling storyline, making for a smooth transition from one UI to another.