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How to Prevent Dehydration During Outdoor Play

Kids love playing outdoors. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it provides lots of benefits too! They can get lots of fresh air and sunlight, have the opportunity to run around, get plenty of exercise, and learn healthy socialization skills while playing with other kids.  

Whether you take them to the park or have a backyard set up, there is one important thing to keep in mind! You have to make extra efforts to prevent dehydration during outdoor play. Playground injuries like scrapes and bruises are barely a concern compared to dehydration.   

Dehydration results from excessive exposure to the heat and sun and can result in some severe and dangerous conditions like cramps, exhaustion, and heatstroke. While your kids play outside in the Florida sun, here are some ways you can prevent them from becoming dehydrated:  

1. Ensure Your Kids Are Dressed Appropriately  

The way your kids are dressed will play a significant role in keeping them cool. Loose clothes are a better option than tight clothes, as they allow the body to perspire and let it evaporate. You should also try and have the kids wear light colors since lighter colors reflect heat. As for materials, lightweight linens and breathable cotton are your best bet. A wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses can provide extra protection from the sun and the heat, but we know that kids aren’t always willing to put up with hats and glasses.  

2. Drinks for Staying Hydrated  

The best way to prevent dehydration is by taking in plenty of liquids. Keep an eye on the kids while they play and ensure they drink something every 20 minutes, even if they insist they aren’t thirsty. The best drinks to stay hydrated are water and sugar-free natural juices. To encourage the kids to drink enough, you can give them fun and interesting cups, bottles, and straws, or try adding sliced fruit to the water to make it taste better.  

3. Foods for Staying Hydrated  

Certain foods can also help your kids stay cool and hydrated while playing outside. Encourage the kids to eat snacks between play and make sure they have plenty of options available. Natural produce and foods with high water content are good for preventing dehydration. You can cut up some watermelon chunks for the kids to snack on, some fresh strawberries, or a light and delicious soup.  

4. Stay Inside During Peak Sunlight Hours 

The sun is highest in the sky during peak sunlight hours, and the harmful UV rays are the strongest. These peak hours are usually between 10 am and 2 pm. If possible, stay inside during these hours and avoid going out into the direct sunlight. The kids can play outside early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid getting overheated and dehydrated.   

5. Add Shades and Canopies to Outdoor Playsets and Playgrounds  

Do you have outdoor playsets that the kids love playing on? The longer they stay outside playing, the more at risk they are of getting dehydrated. However, keeping outdoor playsets cool during the summer in South Florida is not impossible. You can add shades or invest in a portable canopy to keep the outdoor playtime with your kids safe and cool.  

If you are looking for a playset canopy in Pembroke Pines, FL, look no further; Kool Kid Shady has got you covered. We deal in canopies specifically designed to keep the inside temperatures around 9 to 11 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures. Kool Kid Shady has created these playground canopies to shield your children from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent heatstroke or dehydration. 

You can check out our website or visit our showroom at 4013 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33445, to check out the available canopies.  

Our Final Thoughts 

If your kids love playing outside, don’t let a little sun or the Florida heat stop them from having fun. We have outlined five ways in which you can prevent your kids from getting dehydrated. Try out all of the things we have mentioned, and hopefully, your kids will be happy, healthy, and hydrated while they play. And they can get to try some delicious and healthy drinks and snacks while they play.   Contact Kool Kid Shady today.

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Ways to Prevent Playground Injuries

Playgrounds are a fun and exciting place for children to explore, but unfortunately, they can also be dangerous. Children can suffer from various injuries, including cuts, bruises, and even broken bones if they are not careful enough with their time in the park. However, there are ways to prevent these injuries from occurring. Below are some of these. 

Inform Your Child of Possible Dangers

The first step is to make sure that your child is aware of the dangers in a playground. They should know not to run on slick surfaces, climb too high, or play near the edges. Let them know that they should also go to a grown-up if they see something that looks dangerous. Ensure that they know how to fall correctly in case of a fall. 

Some of the possible dangers in a playground are slippery surfaces, heights, and protruding objects. Inform your child of these dangers, and make sure that they know how to avoid them. 

 Ensure the Area is Well-Maintained 

The next step is to make sure that the playground is well-maintained. This means keeping the surfaces clean and free of debris and checking for any unstable or broken equipment. If you see something that looks dangerous, report it to the park staff. Maintenance helps to ensure that the surfaces are clean and safe for children to play on.  

Check the Age Requirements 

 Many playgrounds in Pembroke Pines FL have age requirements to ensure that children use the equipment safely. Ensure that your child is using the correct equipment for their age, and never let them use equipment that is too high or too dangerous for them. The recommended age for using a playground is typically between 2 and 12 years old.  

Supervise Them Closely 

It is essential always to supervise your child when playing on a playground. This means being within reach and watching them at all times. 

If you can’t be there, make sure that someone else is and that they have the necessary safety equipment, such as a first-aid kit. It is best to avoid playgrounds during peak hours when they are likely to be more crowded. 

 Check the Equipment Regularly 

It is also important to check the playground equipment in Pembroke Pines FL regularly for any wear and tear. Ensure that no sharp edges or objects are sticking out that could cause an injury. If there is any damage, report it to the park authorities immediately. 

Use Appropriate Safety Gear 

Ensure that your child is wearing the appropriate safety gear when playing on a playground. This includes helmets, knee pads, and elbow pads. Some of the more adventurous children may also want to wear a harness. 

 Ensure your child knows how to use this gear properly and that they are wearing it. Also, make sure that the gear is in good condition and has not been damaged. 

Be Aware of the Surroundings 

It is also important to be aware of your surroundings when playing on a playground. Ensure that there are no obstacles, such as trees or cars, that could cause an injury. If you are near a road, make sure that your child is aware of the cars and that they are staying away from the street. 

They should also be aware of any other hazards, such as dog poop or broken glass

With these tips, you can help keep your child safe while they enjoy playing on a playground. Follow these guidelines and your child can have hours of fun without any injuries. If you are looking for a well-maintained playground for your kid to have fun, Kool Kids Shady is the holy-grail you’ll thank God for. Kool Kids Shady has a variety of equipment and a designated toddler area to keep your little one safe and sound. 


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Design A Kool Kid Shady System This Spring

A canopy shade system adds a lot of aesthetic value to the playground because it is designed to look funky and cool and comes in vivid colors. There is more to a canopy system than just that, though. People prefer to bring their kids to a playground with a canopy system because of the many benefits it can have. 

A Kool Kid Shady canopy system is one of the best choices for a canopy system you can find around you. Installing it will attract kids to the swings because they will see a cool-looking canopy. Playgrounds with canopies are generally more attractive to children, and a Kool Kid Shady system is exactly what it needs this spring.  

Why Should You Add a Kool Kid Shady System? 

There are many reasons why a Kool Kid Shady system is what you need this spring. It will keep the playground flooded with kids all year round. Parents too prefer to take their kids to the playground that has a canopy.  

Here are some of the benefits: 

Offers Sun Protection 

One of the biggest disadvantages of playing outside in the daytime is sun exposure. Yes, sunscreen is a very valid option but good luck trying to put sunscreen on kids every two hours! And even if we do consistently ask kids to wear sunscreen, it will only benefit more if there is a canopy protecting them from the direct sun.  

The Kool Kid Shady system helps provide shade to the kids in the playground and the structures underneath. This makes parents less hesitant to send their kids to play. In fact, even the parents might find a nice place to relax under the shade with the help of this canopy system.  

Moderates Temperature 

When the sun is out, it gets hot. Depending on what day of the year it is, it could get unbearably hot during some months. Even the swings and the structures in the playground would be burning hot, and kids would be hesitant to play leading to disappointment.  

The canopy provides just enough shade to keep the kids and the swings cool during the day. The structures would be moderately warm, and kids can play to their heart’s content.  

Too much heat can also be bad for the children as they might get dehydrated or even suffer from a heat stroke. Not only does it take care of the health of the children, worried parents too can relax knowing their kids are safe. 

Preserves the Structures Underneath 

The sun, the heat, dust, and all kinds of environmental conditions can decrease the lifespan of the playground structures. Be it plastic or metal, leaving anything out without shade for too long will eventually ruin it.  

Therefore, installing a Kool Kid Shady system will help preserve the playground equipment for a long time, making the canopy an economic investment too! 

Protects Against Drastic Weather Changes 

Weather conditions can be unpredictable and can ruin anything left outside for a while. Of course, playground equipment is no different. Rainwater can rust metal structures and compromise the strength and quality of the structures. 

Therefore a canopy will help when the weather is unpredictable, keeping the playground equipment safe so the kids can have a blast as soon as the weather is back to normal.  

How To Add The Kool Kid Shady System To Your Playground? 

There are many ways to integrate the Kool Kid Shady system into your playground. Some of the most common ways include the following: 

Covering The Whole Playground Structure: 

The Kool Kid Shady system can cover all the playground equipment in the area, making it a great place for kids to use any time and for parents to relax under the shade on a bench. Kool Kid Shady offers a variety of colors and a SUNSURE solar screen, which will keep the playground cool and fun all day.  

Covering Specific Swings: 

Sometimes you may want to cover specific swings instead of all the structures. Kool Kid Shady offers smaller canopies to cover swings which you can use to cover anything that experiences the most sun exposure or equipment that might get too hot when the sun is out.  

Covering Small Areas: 

The Kool Kid Shady system can also allow you to add shade to smaller areas of the playground, such as the benches where people sit or a stage where someone might perform. It is a very versatile canopy that you can Install with ease. 

Prevention is the best protection. Why not install a Kool Kid Shady System for your kids this spring so their playtime is safe and fun. Our experts can help you decide what exactly to opt for that suits your needs. Contact Kool Kid Shady specialists or call (561) 330-4347; (561) 441-1295 to know more.

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Best Ways for Safe Play to Prevent Harmful Rays

Boca Raton Solar Protection Canopy

The most straightforward approach to prevent sun damage is to stay away from the sun. Some recommendations include wearing protective clothing with sunscreen and preventing sun exposure during the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

What Are the Risks of Sun Damage? 

The most obvious risk of too much exposure is sunburn. You can see it with a microscope; it’ll show how the blood vessels and cells have been affected. Sun damage makes the skin wrinkled, dry, flaky, and discolored. However, the skin feels sensitive and thick but has been damaged. 

The most significant concern, though, is that it can cause skin cancer, which also happens to be the most frequent kind of cancer. Usually, skin cancers, according to doctors, may be prevented by avoiding sun exposure. 

What Are the Advantages of the Sun? 

Since vitamin D is not organically present in many types of food, people might have heard or taught that the body requires sunshine to produce it. Some foods, however, are now high in nutrients but still lack vitamin D. As a result, exposure to light is no longer as vital for the body’s natural vitamin D intake as it once was. Golf is also better for the body than watching tv. However, you may still protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays while having fun outside. 

How Can I Protect Myself Against the Sun’s Damaging Rays? 

The safest approach to prevent UV exposure is to stay out of the sun, yet many walk outside daily. Therefore, if you walk outdoors, remember to take the following precautionary steps: 

  • Apply sunscreen every day when heading out and be sure to rub it on your face. Make it a routine, just like washing your clothes. 
  • Limit exposure to the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The UV rays that cause tan are at their peak at these hours. 
  • Put on protective clothes if you have to go outside, certainly for a couple of hours. Slacks and long sleeves, and a broad hat, may assist shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. 
  • Carry sunglasses that block off UV rays. 

What Does SPF Mean in Sunblock? 

SPF is an abbreviation that means sun protection factor. This SPF rating indicates how effectively the item will prevent you from harmful UV rays or the sun’s blistering radiation. The stronger the level of shielding, the bigger the SPF level. Anyone can use sunblock with a minimum sun protection factor of 30. When you have a pre-cancer or skin cancer history, you should wear a sun protection factor sunblock. SPFs of 40 or greater are common in modern sunblocks. 

Should I Apply a Sunblock With a Lower Sun Protection Factor if I Don’t Get Sunburned Frequently? 

If all you wanted to do was prevent getting sunburned, then the answer might be “yes.” However, sunburn prevention is not an important reason to apply sunblock. Continuous sun exposure may damage the skin, which is why you should adopt practices to limit sun exposure. If you’ve had cancer or are at risk of developing skin cancer, you should wear sunblock with a sun protection factor of 30 or greater. 

Who Is Recommended to Apply Sunblock? 

Sunblock must be worn by everybody who gets to spend time outside. It includes the following: 

  • There are women, children, and men. 
  • Some individuals tan quickly. 
  • People with dark and fair skin. 
  • Skiers, gardeners, and sunbathers can also apply. 

Is It Safe to Use Sunblock on Kids? 

Absolutely! Sunblocks are harmless for kids over the age of six months, and they can also actually mitigate skin cancers from forming early in life when worn frequently as a kid. Another research study found that if kids wore sunblock regularly until the age of 17, there would be a 75% decline in skin cancer incidence later in life. 

Parents must use proper clothing and protection for kids below six months. When none of such options are possible, doctors suggest putting a small quantity of sunblock with a sun protection factor to parts like the child’s hands and face. 

The Bottom Line  

Whenever you’re applying sunblock for kids, try it on the kid’s hand. Pick a good brand if your kid experiences eye or skin irritation or discomfort. Use the sunblock with extreme caution around the eyeballs. 

 You can also install indoor games or canopies, which are explicitly designed to maintain 9-11 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature. If you are worried about sun-damaged skin, Lake worth FL-based company Kool Kids Shady has got you covered. They have designed such playground canopies to protect your kids from the scorching sunlight. 

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The Top 4 Ways to Prevent Slide Burns at the Playground

How to Prevent Slide Burns

Summertime is an excellent opportunity for kids to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities even if it’s as simple as an afternoon on the playground. However, it’s important to remember that some risks are associated with these activities, including burn injuries from equipment like playset slides. We will discuss how to prevent burn injuries in your children when they’re out on the playground.

1. Wear Protective Clothing on a Slide

First and foremost, your kids should wear protective clothing when going down a slide and climbing on the rest of the equipment. Instead of shorts and tank tops, consider long pants and shirts with sleeves. Children should also always wear closed-toe shoes, not only to prevent the risk of burned feet on both the ground surfaces and play equipment but to protect feet from getting stepped on by other kids as well.

2. Check the Playground Equipment Temperature

You might already check the playset slides and other playground equipment for any cracks or damages before allowing children to use them. With your hands, you should also test the temperature of the slides, swings, and climbing equipment to see if they’re too hot. Even if it seems like a mild day, the sun can cause temperatures to rise quickly on materials like rubber, metal and plastic.

3. Supervise Your Children Closely

Always supervise your children closely as they play, and make sure they know the risks associated with outdoor activities. When it comes to slides that can cause burns, remember that young children have thinner skin that burns easier. Furthermore, they do not react as quickly to hot surfaces by moving off the slide. They are more likely to start crying, and then you’ll know that something is wrong.

4. Find a Shaded Area

Possibly the best way to prevent burn injuries from the slides and other playground equipment is to try to get your child to only play in areas where there isn’t direct sunlight. Visit the playground early in the morning before it gets too warm or closer to sundown. If you can find a playground with a canopy or shade structure over it to shield kids and the equipment from the sun, that’s even better.

Treating a Burn From a Slide

A first- or second-degree burn will result in red, blistering skin. If your child is injured by a slide that’s too hot, run the affected area under cool water for at least five minutes, longer if the burn is more severe. Dry the area off and apply antibiotic ointment. Wrap the wound loosely in gauze, and be sure to contact your child’s pediatrician.

Stay Safe at the Playground on a Warm Day

Preventing burn injuries is possible while still enjoying summertime activities with your kid. In addition to looking out for hot playground equipment, protect yourself and your kids by applying sunscreen and drinking lots of water.


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Everything You Need To Know About Kool Kids Shady

Kool Kid Shady Canopy

Kool Kids Shady is a company that produces canopies that aid in protecting children from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

The canopies are made of premium quality construction materials that are durable, resilient, and highly effective in protecting children and adults from hot temperatures and harmful sunrays. 

You can expect to find the best Canopy Outdoor Playsets in West Palm Beach, Fl Florida, from Kool Kids Shady. 

Here’s what you need to know before you make the final purchase. 

Why Sunrays Are Bad For Kids 

Too much unprotected exposure to sun rays can damage the skin, eyes, and immune system. 

Some sun exposure is vital because it enables vitamin D production in the body. 

However, prolonged exposure can result in sunburn and other conditions like skin cancer and premature aging. 

Our biology plays a factor in determining tolerance to the sun, and those with lower levels of melanin tend to suffer more side effects. 

Melanin is a skin pigment that blocks out some of the UV rays, which is why people with darker skin are relatively resistant to sunburn. 

Another effect you can expect from sun exposure is tanning. 

Tanning occurs when your skin develops more melanin in response to the sun, but it isn’t enough to protect yourself from the possibility of skin cancers such as melanoma. 

In many cases, ultraviolet rays interact with melanin, which protects against any harmful effects. 

Melanin absorbs ultraviolet rays and acts as a deterrent against skin damage. 

You are likely to get sunburnt when the exposure to ultraviolet rays is greater than the ability to absorb it. 

Some exposure is beneficial and should not be avoided entirely, as vitamin D plays a part in the body’s healthy functioning. 

A preventive measure you can take is applying sunscreen lotion on your skin, blocking ultraviolet rays from affecting the sun. 

Constructing canopies over children’s playsets can also be an excellent option for you, especially since young children are spontaneous and play outside daily. It can be difficult trying to get them to wear sunscreen all the time. 

Kool Kids Shady Canopies 

The canopies are used to block a modest amount of sunrays so that children can spend as much time as they want near the playground in their homes. 

The canopies do not block all the air from the environment, which allows for adequate air circulation that is a must for children playing in their backyards. 

Your kids are also protected from sun damage because the canopies filter out some of the rays, providing a lower temperature for children not to overexert themselves. 

Canopies are the perfect choice for keeping kids cool and out of toxic sunrays without sacrificing their outdoor activities. 

The Kool Kid Shady Canopy is constructed using the most premium quality sports fabric and is adjustable and moveable in terms of coverage and location. 

Long-term exposure to sunrays can develop life-long medical conditions in children, which is why it’s the perfect choice for adding to your back garden. 

The playset canopies involve the usage of solar screen fabrics that Kool Kid Shady develops to maintain proper airflow and allow light to penetrate its layers, blocking only the harmful effects of the sun. 

The temperature is much lower under the canopy, up to 12 degrees cooler, so that kids do not suffer from the effects of dehydration. 

The Ray-Filtration System makes it possible to enjoy long hours in the afternoon playing with your children while preventing the harmful effects of the Florida sun. 

Quality, Workmanship, and Assembly 

Kool Kid Shady has the highest standards compared to other products because of its unique craftsmanship and use of premium materials. 

A lot of time and care goes into constructing the solar protection canopy. 

The aluminum frame is exceptionally durable and rust-free, with structural integrity that makes it ideal for long-term use without the possibility of damage or deterioration. 

It is lightweight, weatherproof, and mildew resistant, making it easy to handle. 

Kool Kid Shady has taken the market by storm with its excellent products and has excellent customer reviews and satisfaction. 

When you think of Kool Kid Shady, you can’t help but think of outdoor fun with the family while being protected from the sun. 

Its assembly is pretty straightforward and comes with an installation manual that provides you with a step-by-step guide for construction. 

The company also offers installation as a service upon request of its customers. 

Final Thoughts 

Spending time playing with kids can be a deep bonding experience between family members, and doing it safely ensures health and longevity. 

Seek out the best purchases for Canopy Outdoor Playsets in West Palm Beach, FL, Florida. 

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How to Upkeep Outdoor Playsets

Outdoor Playset Canopy South Florida

If you have young children, they may have asked for a playset for the backyard. Playsets can provide a lot of fun for young ones. You may find that the neighborhood kids will visit your home more if you have a playset. However, playsets do require some maintenance.

Think About What You Need Before Purchasing

Before buying the playground equipment, make sure it fits your yard space well. You want to make sure that when you install it, it is secure enough to withstand the weight of the children playing on the equipment and durable enough to endure rough play without needing to be repaired every week.

Figure out what kind of activities your children would like to do on the playground to choose the appropriate equipment. You also want to think about how often the equipment will be used as well as its location in the yard. Planning is the first step in making maintenance easier.

Inspect Regularly

Unaddressed small issues almost always turn into big issues. Therefore, it is important for you to inspect your playground equipment on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the equipment is functional and safe for the kids to play on. If you notice a minor issue, you can nip it in the bud before it becomes a major problem.

Usually, inspecting the playset once or twice a month should be more than enough. If you find that the playset is being used every day, you may want to inspect it once a week. You want to address any issues that come up during the inspection as soon as possible.

Make Sure the Structure Is Safe

Sometimes, bolts can get loose or fall out. In order to maintain the integrity of the play structure, you need to either tighten or replace the bolts. This is especially true if your playset has different parts like slides and swings or the neighborhood kids are visiting the playset often.

You also want to check to see if there is any sign of rust or warped plastic. If you find these issues present, repair them immediately. Waiting to fix these issues can lead to you spending more money on repairs. Maintaining the play structure is cheaper than replacing them.

Clean the Playground Equipment Regularly

Cleaning your playground equipment is one of the simplest ways you can help it last for as long as possible. Make time in your schedule to clean it at least twice a week. Try to dust once a day so as not to damage your equipment. Creating a cleaning schedule will help you keep up with it.

To clean the playset, you only need soap and water. Chemical cleaners are harmful to children. So, you should avoid using them. You can use a wet cloth or sponge to wipe down the playset

Areas that experience high traffic especially need to be cleaned thoroughly. These areas can be a breeding ground for viruses. Regular cleaning is necessary for hygiene, and it will have the playset looking tidy. You want to disinfect the play structures once a week.

Address Damage Quickly

Any damage you notice on the playset, regardless of how small it is, needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Not addressing the damage can lead to more costly damage down the road.

There are some situations where you cannot fix the damage, and you have to replace the whole playground structure. The good news is most of the minor damages can be taken care of pretty easily. You can hire a playground equipment expert to help you fix the damage. Ultimately, you want the playset to be safe for children.

Prepare to Replace Your Playset

You may notice some wear and tear if your playset is over ten years old. Therefore, you want to create a replacement plan for when your playset gets old. When looking for a replacement, you want to factor in your children’s age as well as what their needs are.

This allows you to replace the equipment your children no longer use with one they will enjoy more. Planning for a replacement can help you save money and make the replacement easier.

The Wrap Up

Maintaining your outdoor playsets in Delray Beach does not have to be hard. All it requires is some planning and organization. Inspect your playset regularly for damage. Make sure the structure is safe. You want to clean it regularly. Take care of damage when you see it. Prepare for the time when you have to replace your playset. Contact Kool Kid Shady to learn more about our nice selection of outdoor playsets in Delray Beach.

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5 Ways to Make Your Backyard Kid Friendly

Big backyard space is a huge blessing and if you’re lucky enough to have it in your house, so make sure that you’re making the most of it. A backyard can be your kid’s favorite place, and spending time outside is a great way to keep your kids happy, healthy, and occupied in a good way. 

Staying cooped up all day, watching TV, or playing video games can be bad for your kid’s physical and mental health. Playing outside gives them some fresh air and sun, as well as physical activity. 

However, not all backyards are well suited to leave your kids unsupervised. Here are some ways to make your backyard kids-friendly and create the perfect space for your kids to spend their afternoons in. 

1. Install a Fence or Screen for Privacy 

If you don’t have a fence around your backyard and the space opens out into the street or to your neighbor’s home, that can be a serious risk to your kids’ safety and privacy. You can’t leave your kids out in the yard unattended if there is a chance that they might wander off or that any outsider can approach them. You must install a fence or some kind of outdoor privacy screen to ensure that your kids are safe and protected while they play outside. The fence should be sturdy and at a height that ensures that nobody can peek into the yard from outside. 

2. Have Comfortable Seating 

While children love to roll around in the grass and get muddy, it’s not ideal that they spend all of their time on the ground. In the early mornings, the grass is wet from dew and can be quite cold, and in the evenings, there are plenty of bugs that can bite and disturb the kids. It would be a good idea to have alternative seating options in the backyard for the kids to make use of. You can invest in some great patio furniture or just keep some of your old furniture outside. Other than just for playtime, your kids can sit outside at a table to do their homework or work on some arts and crafts. 

3. Put Up Shades to Protect from Weather Conditions 

The sun can be extremely harsh in the afternoons to the point where the kids won’t want to spend any time outside. Rainy days can also result in them being cooped up inside for hours. Shades or screens can be put up to keep out the worst of the harsh weather conditions. If you do install some shades and screens, the kids can be outside whenever they please, and you don’t have to worry about reapplying sunscreen every few hours or about the kids getting cold after a rainy day.

4. Set Up a Playset 

While kids have no trouble keeping themselves entertained and have the best imaginations, they may get bored of being outside without anything in particular to go. It would be a great idea to set up a playset with swings and slides. Different playsets are better suited for kids with different age ranges. You can even have a canopy or sunshade installed over the playset so that your kids can comfortably spend their afternoons playing and enjoying themselves. You can get in touch with Kool Kid Shady to find the perfect outdoor playset sunshade that will suit your needs best. Contact them at their website where you can even fill out a form with any questions or ask for a quote. 

5. Remove Any Toxic or Harmful Plants 

Kids can be guilty of pulling at plants and weeds or putting things in their mouths when they shouldn’t be. If you’re leaving your kids in the backyard unattended, it would be good to make sure that there aren’t any toxic or harmful plants growing around that can pose a danger to the kids. Hydrangeas, daffodils, poison ivy, various cacti, and thorny plants can all be harmful to your kids and cause all sorts of problems if touched or accidentally ingested. If you have many plants growing in the backyard, try and identify each of them and do your research to ensure that they are completely safe for the kids to be around.

Our Final Thoughts

If your kids like to spend time outside, that habit should be encouraged. Being outside can be great for their mental and physical health, keeping them active and closer to nature. However, you want to ensure that the kids are completely safe while outside. Follow our tips to keep your kids safe and healthy while spending their days in the backyard. 

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Want to Have an Outdoor Covering in South Florida

Outdoor Covering South Florida | Outdoor Covering Near Me

The weather in South Florida can go between extremes with hot and humid days in the summer to mild winters. Either way, the sun is constantly shining down on you and this affects your lifestyle and activities.

One solution that makes things easier is an outdoor covering that provides shade and protection against the elements. We look at the top three reasons why you want to have an outdoor covering in South Florida and what it does for you.

You Keep Things Cool

In South Florida, the sun is constantly shining down on us and we all need someplace to go to get away from it. An outdoor covering is a perfect solution by letting you have a shady spot that is out of the sun.

You can use it year-round and never have to worry about the sun affecting your activities.

For example, when your kids are playing outside on the swing set, you never worry about exposure to the sun. An outdoor covering provides this protection and allows your children to enjoy the swing set in the shade. You reduce their exposure to the sun, heat, and humidity by installing one on your property.

We recommend an outdoor covering in South Florida to give you that added protection to keep you and your family safe.

Kool Kid Shady is the number one manufacturer and distributor of outdoor coverings. Our coverings are durable and give you the extra levels of protection you need against the elements. Our canopies reduce the temperatures underneath it from 10% to 12%.

You are Reducing Property Damage

The wind, rain, and sun are known to be the biggest causes of damage to things such as swing sets and outdoor lawn furniture. Installing an outdoor canopy in Delray Beach gives you protection against the elements. You don’t have to worry about these issues and the property damage from these forces.

You save money by not having to buy new outdoor furniture or playsets by installing one in your home.

Our outdoor coverings are durable and built to last, so you can get the most out of your outdoor activities.

Kool Kid Shady’s canopies are made from the highest quality material and adjustable. You can move them to give you additional protection from the elements and decrease property damage.

You Enhance Your Quality of Life

In South Florida, we all want to do outdoor activities and enjoy our backyards more. An outdoor canopy makes this possible at any time by giving you extra protection against the elements. You have a better quality of life and never have to worry about the weather ruining your good time.

Our canopies are durable and can withstand the most extreme weather conditions.

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Protect Your Children with Solar Outdoor Covering

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Children love going to the park to free their wild spirits. As a cautious parent, you may be curtailing their public park activities in light of Covid-19 and the new variants. So, we recommend bringing the playground into your own backyard. This way is safer and more convenient. When you contact the professional staff at Kool Kid Shady, we go the extra mile to protect your children with our outdoor covering. We believe that prevention is the best form of protection, which is why we offer a full line-up of high-quality solar canopies to protect your kids against South Florida’s harmful UV rays. 

Sun Damage is No Joke 

If there is one thing your child should never leave the house without, it’s high-spectrum sunscreen. Why is that? Constant sun exposure can lead to several skin conditions, from sunburn to skin cancer. Sun damage may be more prevalent when we age, but you shouldn’t neglect to protect your children in every possible way. Sun exposure can cause sunburn without proper protection and in extreme cases, skin cancer. But what else can extensive exposure to harmful UV rays cause? Let’s have a look: 

  • Freckles – any new freckles should be closely monitored 
  • Sunburns on your lips – ouch!
  • Non-melanoma skin cancer – this refers to two common types of skin cancer that are often caused by sun exposure 
  • Melanoma – the least common, but the deadliest type of skin cancer 

So, as you can see, protection matters. We recommend slathering your children (and yourself!) in the recommended amount of sunscreen. Additionally, while they are playing on the backyard playset, equip it with a solar canopy, which we sell in Boca Raton. 

Now let’s look at the benefits of utilizing one of our canopies. 

Children Can Play Even When it’s Hot 

It’s always hot in South Florida, but some days are more unbearable than others. The bright rays, intense heat, and humidity can take a toll on anybody, even sprightly kids. Adding shade to your playset allows kids to enjoy backyard activities even during harsh weather. They can stay active longer, rather than being inside, playing video games, or binging cartoons. In general, a shade can make their play space about 20 degrees F cooler, which not only protects the kids from fatigue but the playset from getting too hot. 

Without a canopy, playsets will get hot to the touch. If your kids decide to play, this can result in burns and other injuries. All parents would rather avoid that. Let’s not forget the extra protection can reduce wear and tear that occurs over time.

Equipment Protection 

We briefly touched on this advantage, but let us expand. As you may have already guessed, canopies can protect the life of your equipment. Since backyard playsets are an investment, you want them to last for many years – or at least until your kids get tired of them. Materials such as plastic and wood will not fair well in hot temperatures. As a result, this can cause warping, cracking, and other hazards that can impair your child’s safety.

UV Ray Protection 

Solar canopies offer an extra boost of UV protection. As you already know, exposure to UV rays has detrimental consequences. We still recommend that your children wear sunscreen, but rest assured that your canopy will protect them better than certain sunscreens and hats. 

DIY or Professional Installation? 

Installing a canopy yourself is more convenient and affordable than hiring a professional, and our canopies are easy to install. If you find the installation to be tricky, we recommend hiring a professional that you trust, like the team at Kool Kid Shady. If you find that it’s too difficult to install, you may do it incorrectly. Experts have years of experience, licenses, and the confidence to do the job correctly.

Contact Kool Kid Shady 

There is no better business to choose in Boca Raton. Our canopies are made from the highest quality sports material that filters out 98% of all rays. They will keep your kids 10-12° F cooler while they’re playing. Uniquely crafted with a mill-finished aluminum frame, they have the structural integrity for long-term use. They are also weather and mildew resistant and are easy to handle. 

For an outdoor covering in South Florida, contact Kool Kid Shady. Call (561) 499-0077 or visit our showroom.