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5 Fun Accessories for Playsets

Child sitting on wood playset

You’ve likely seen some playsets in Delray Beach that stand out because of their unique looks. This is likely due to accessories that were purchased separately from the playset itself. Some accessories can entirely change the look of the playset. They can even change how the equipment functions. Continue reading to find five great ideas to reinvent your children’s old outdoor playset.

1. Firefighter’s Pole

A firefighter’s pole is a great accessory to any playset because of its versatility. It can be placed just about anywhere on the playset, and it adds another activity for your kids to enjoy.

The only downside is that these poles can only be attached to wooden playsets. They require you to drill into the wood of the playset to attach it. There’s simply no way to securely attach it to a plastic one.

2. Saucer Swing

There’s often no reason to have more than two standard plank swings on a playset. You can add some much-needed change to your kid’s playset by replacing one of the plank swings with an innovative saucer swing.

A saucer swing is similar to a tire swing, but it is made out of a softer and safer material. It allows the kid to lie down and be swung by an adult or another child. Delray Beach kids’ playsets can benefit greatly from saucer swings because they give the children a chance to relax and cool off after a hard play session in the heat.

3. Sand or Mulch

Rather than a simple accessory, sand or mulch will make your children’s playset a much safer place. The idea is to build a raised bed around the playset and fill it up with soft mulch or sand.

It’s especially useful for playsets that have slides. Your kids won’t have rough landings when they come down the slide anymore. Whether you decide to use sand or mulch, your kids will love the fact that they aren’t landing on the hard ground when they slip down the slide or fall off the swing.

4. Binocular or Telescope

This one is a little different than the other accessories on this list. While the other items here encourage your kids to move their bodies, a telescope or pair of binoculars will inspire their imagination.

Many playsets already come with a telescope, but you can add one yourself at the top of a slide’s platform or any other flat plane on the playset. Your children will love playing with the telescope, and it will encourage a level of creativity that’s missing from the playset.

5. Kool Canopy

The Kool Kid Shady Canopy is made out of high-quality sports material. It’s intended to provide a cooler area for your kids to play. It also creates a unique look for the playset.

This mold- and weather-resistant canopy works by blocking out the majority of harmful UV rays. It’s perfect for playsets in Delray Beach. It doesn’t totally block out the sunlight; it merely stops most of the UV rays from reaching the kids underneath.

These canopies are also very versatile, coming in several different shapes, sizes, and colors. Contact us at Kool Kids Shady today to see how you can use them to perk up your Delray Beach kids’ playsets.

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Design A Kool Kid Shady System This Spring

A canopy shade system adds a lot of aesthetic value to the playground because it is designed to look funky and cool and comes in vivid colors. There is more to a canopy system than just that, though. People prefer to bring their kids to a playground with a canopy system because of the many benefits it can have. 

A Kool Kid Shady canopy system is one of the best choices for a canopy system you can find around you. Installing it will attract kids to the swings because they will see a cool-looking canopy. Playgrounds with canopies are generally more attractive to children, and a Kool Kid Shady system is exactly what it needs this spring.  

Why Should You Add a Kool Kid Shady System? 

There are many reasons why a Kool Kid Shady system is what you need this spring. It will keep the playground flooded with kids all year round. Parents too prefer to take their kids to the playground that has a canopy.  

Here are some of the benefits: 

Offers Sun Protection 

One of the biggest disadvantages of playing outside in the daytime is sun exposure. Yes, sunscreen is a very valid option but good luck trying to put sunscreen on kids every two hours! And even if we do consistently ask kids to wear sunscreen, it will only benefit more if there is a canopy protecting them from the direct sun.  

The Kool Kid Shady system helps provide shade to the kids in the playground and the structures underneath. This makes parents less hesitant to send their kids to play. In fact, even the parents might find a nice place to relax under the shade with the help of this canopy system.  

Moderates Temperature 

When the sun is out, it gets hot. Depending on what day of the year it is, it could get unbearably hot during some months. Even the swings and the structures in the playground would be burning hot, and kids would be hesitant to play leading to disappointment.  

The canopy provides just enough shade to keep the kids and the swings cool during the day. The structures would be moderately warm, and kids can play to their heart’s content.  

Too much heat can also be bad for the children as they might get dehydrated or even suffer from a heat stroke. Not only does it take care of the health of the children, worried parents too can relax knowing their kids are safe. 

Preserves the Structures Underneath 

The sun, the heat, dust, and all kinds of environmental conditions can decrease the lifespan of the playground structures. Be it plastic or metal, leaving anything out without shade for too long will eventually ruin it.  

Therefore, installing a Kool Kid Shady system will help preserve the playground equipment for a long time, making the canopy an economic investment too! 

Protects Against Drastic Weather Changes 

Weather conditions can be unpredictable and can ruin anything left outside for a while. Of course, playground equipment is no different. Rainwater can rust metal structures and compromise the strength and quality of the structures. 

Therefore a canopy will help when the weather is unpredictable, keeping the playground equipment safe so the kids can have a blast as soon as the weather is back to normal.  

How To Add The Kool Kid Shady System To Your Playground? 

There are many ways to integrate the Kool Kid Shady system into your playground. Some of the most common ways include the following: 

Covering The Whole Playground Structure: 

The Kool Kid Shady system can cover all the playground equipment in the area, making it a great place for kids to use any time and for parents to relax under the shade on a bench. Kool Kid Shady offers a variety of colors and a SUNSURE solar screen, which will keep the playground cool and fun all day.  

Covering Specific Swings: 

Sometimes you may want to cover specific swings instead of all the structures. Kool Kid Shady offers smaller canopies to cover swings which you can use to cover anything that experiences the most sun exposure or equipment that might get too hot when the sun is out.  

Covering Small Areas: 

The Kool Kid Shady system can also allow you to add shade to smaller areas of the playground, such as the benches where people sit or a stage where someone might perform. It is a very versatile canopy that you can Install with ease. 

Prevention is the best protection. Why not install a Kool Kid Shady System for your kids this spring so their playtime is safe and fun. Our experts can help you decide what exactly to opt for that suits your needs. Contact Kool Kid Shady specialists or call (561) 330-4347; (561) 441-1295 to know more.

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Best Ways for Safe Play to Prevent Harmful Rays

Boca Raton Solar Protection Canopy

The most straightforward approach to prevent sun damage is to stay away from the sun. Some recommendations include wearing protective clothing with sunscreen and preventing sun exposure during the hours of 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. 

What Are the Risks of Sun Damage? 

The most obvious risk of too much exposure is sunburn. You can see it with a microscope; it’ll show how the blood vessels and cells have been affected. Sun damage makes the skin wrinkled, dry, flaky, and discolored. However, the skin feels sensitive and thick but has been damaged. 

The most significant concern, though, is that it can cause skin cancer, which also happens to be the most frequent kind of cancer. Usually, skin cancers, according to doctors, may be prevented by avoiding sun exposure. 

What Are the Advantages of the Sun? 

Since vitamin D is not organically present in many types of food, people might have heard or taught that the body requires sunshine to produce it. Some foods, however, are now high in nutrients but still lack vitamin D. As a result, exposure to light is no longer as vital for the body’s natural vitamin D intake as it once was. Golf is also better for the body than watching tv. However, you may still protect yourself against the sun’s harmful rays while having fun outside. 

How Can I Protect Myself Against the Sun’s Damaging Rays? 

The safest approach to prevent UV exposure is to stay out of the sun, yet many walk outside daily. Therefore, if you walk outdoors, remember to take the following precautionary steps: 

  • Apply sunscreen every day when heading out and be sure to rub it on your face. Make it a routine, just like washing your clothes. 
  • Limit exposure to the sun between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. The UV rays that cause tan are at their peak at these hours. 
  • Put on protective clothes if you have to go outside, certainly for a couple of hours. Slacks and long sleeves, and a broad hat, may assist shield your skin from the sun’s damaging rays. 
  • Carry sunglasses that block off UV rays. 

What Does SPF Mean in Sunblock? 

SPF is an abbreviation that means sun protection factor. This SPF rating indicates how effectively the item will prevent you from harmful UV rays or the sun’s blistering radiation. The stronger the level of shielding, the bigger the SPF level. Anyone can use sunblock with a minimum sun protection factor of 30. When you have a pre-cancer or skin cancer history, you should wear a sun protection factor sunblock. SPFs of 40 or greater are common in modern sunblocks. 

Should I Apply a Sunblock With a Lower Sun Protection Factor if I Don’t Get Sunburned Frequently? 

If all you wanted to do was prevent getting sunburned, then the answer might be “yes.” However, sunburn prevention is not an important reason to apply sunblock. Continuous sun exposure may damage the skin, which is why you should adopt practices to limit sun exposure. If you’ve had cancer or are at risk of developing skin cancer, you should wear sunblock with a sun protection factor of 30 or greater. 

Who Is Recommended to Apply Sunblock? 

Sunblock must be worn by everybody who gets to spend time outside. It includes the following: 

  • There are women, children, and men. 
  • Some individuals tan quickly. 
  • People with dark and fair skin. 
  • Skiers, gardeners, and sunbathers can also apply. 

Is It Safe to Use Sunblock on Kids? 

Absolutely! Sunblocks are harmless for kids over the age of six months, and they can also actually mitigate skin cancers from forming early in life when worn frequently as a kid. Another research study found that if kids wore sunblock regularly until the age of 17, there would be a 75% decline in skin cancer incidence later in life. 

Parents must use proper clothing and protection for kids below six months. When none of such options are possible, doctors suggest putting a small quantity of sunblock with a sun protection factor to parts like the child’s hands and face. 

The Bottom Line  

Whenever you’re applying sunblock for kids, try it on the kid’s hand. Pick a good brand if your kid experiences eye or skin irritation or discomfort. Use the sunblock with extreme caution around the eyeballs. 

 You can also install indoor games or canopies, which are explicitly designed to maintain 9-11 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature. If you are worried about sun-damaged skin, Lake worth FL-based company Kool Kids Shady has got you covered. They have designed such playground canopies to protect your kids from the scorching sunlight. 

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Top Benefits of an Outdoor Playset Canopy for Schools

Kool Kid Shady Canopy

A school is a learning place where kids feel safe and comfortable. Adding an Outdoor playset canopy can provide an all-weather learning space. Many schools in the US are considering Outdoor canopies because of hot summer days. 

If you are interested in making your school more fulfilling for your students, you need to consider this option. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the benefits of Outdoor Playset Canopy in South Florida. So, please stick with us till the end to find out how these shelters can improve your school’s reputation. 

Benefits of Outdoor Playset Canopy For Schools 

Outdoor canopies allow students to engage with nature and learn new behavior. It also allows students to experience art and other creative activities in an open environment. If you are planning to install an outdoor canopy at your schools, here are its top benefits. 

You Can Create an Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor canopies for schools can provide a secondary classroom for your students. Outdoor classrooms provide students with the opportunity to do things they can’t do indoors. Creative activities like a messy art project and music lessons are best taught in an outdoor classroom. In short, installing an outdoor canopy allow your students to interact with nature better. 

You Can Provide Shelter in the Playground

Some of the best school playgrounds have outdoor canopies. It protects students from the sun and harsh weather, ultimately stretching fun and activities to longer periods. Moreover, by installing a playground canopy, you can prolong the life of your play area. Less maintenance and costly repairs are required when your play area is under an outdoor canopy. 

Plastic structures are lightweight; thus, they can easily be damaged by wind and rain. Plus, steel swings are prone to corrosion under harsh weather conditions. An outdoor canopy can protect your school’s play area, stretching its life by 2-3 years more. 

You Can Install A Walkway Canopy

Fewer schools have the luxury of a walkway canopy. It prevents hot weather from exhausting your students. If your school has a long distance between indoor and outdoor areas, you’ll need a walkway canopy. 

Movement around school can be chaotic, even under pleasant sunny weather. Considering a walkway canopy is in your school’s best interest if you want to provide a safe and relaxing environment. 

You Can Install A Bicycle Shelter

Many students commute on their bicycles. By providing your students with a bicycle shelter, you gain their parent’s trust. Plus, a bicycle shelter reduces vandalism, theft, and other risks to personal property. 

Add Value to Your School

Outdoor canopies are more than just shelter. They provide a safe and secure place for students when they visit your school. A canopy can strike a pleasant experience with parents. You’ll gain their confidence and boost your student’s headcount. However, that’s not all. 

Outdoor canopies increase the value of your property. Since you have an additional structure, home appraisers would add more to your school. If you plan to sell your school, you’ll definitely make a better profit with an outdoor canopy. 

You Can Add Extra Storage Space To Your School

Outdoor canopies are great for utilizing extra space in your school. If you have a playground that’s been vacant for months, you can put it to good use. By installing an outdoor canopy, you can store your classroom equipment by utilizing extra space on your property. 

Outdoor canopies protect your equipment from the harsh weather and sun. Most plastic items will melt or lose their structure under the hot sun. Cover them with an outdoor canopy, and you won’t need to rent a storage room. 

You Can Aid Student Behavior 

Outdoor canopies are great for instilling positive behavior among students. Plenty of teachers say that students learn better outdoor. However, if there isn’t any shelter, learning can be tough. 

Most schools have outdoor playset canopies and South Florida is no exception. The environment helps teachers encourage students to interact with nature. Plus, a change of space is always good for the mind a body. You’ll be improving your student’s behavior plus their socializing skills when they are outdoor. 

Build Canopy For Your School With Kool Kids Shady

Outdoor playset canopy for students is an excellent way of introducing new behaviors. Your students will enjoy their time in the open covered under a cool shade. Most parents prefer a school that takes care of their student’s health. A canopy can boost your school’s student headcount and add a versatile look to your playground.

To get the best maintenance-free outdoor playset canopy, South Florida residents and businesses can contact Kool Kid Shady. Their canopy is made from the highest quality sports material. You can contact them for more information by dialing (561) 330-4347, or visit their website for a free quote.