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Buying Checklist For Kids Playsets

Two children playing on outdoor playset

In today’s fast-paced, technology-soaked world, it’s quite easy to get caught up in the world of electronics and screens. Simple joys such as face-to-face connection, spontaneous play, and natural exploration have taken a backseat to technology innovations that distract us.

As a result of all of this e-inundation, we find more children and adults suffering from health conditions such as obesity and diabetes. Prioritizing physical activity through outdoor play is an essential part of establishing healthy habits for your family and setting your children up for wellness success as they grow.

Outdoor Playsets

The outdoor playset provides a world of imagination and adventure for kids of all ages. Putting the right one in your backyard for your kiddos will make all the difference in reigniting their natural curiosity. You can craft custom designed playsets that cater to your child’s unique capabilities and interests. Here are some things to consider as you make this important purchase to stimulate and provide wellness opportunities for your precious children.

Think Safety

One of the most important factors in your research involves your child’s safety. Playsets come in various styles with both new and old variations of play; take into account the following questions when determining whether a playset is right for your children:

  • Is it age-appropriate?
  • Are swing chains covered with soft, pliable rubber, or are they made of plastic?
  • Are elements spaced out properly and protected at higher heights?
  • Does the playset have enough space around it to avoid collisions and accidents?
  • Does the playset provide adequate sun protection?

Consider Materials

Wood playsets are efficient, but make sure you opt for high-quality wood that will hold up under the elements. Durable plastics and sturdy, lead-free paint-covered metal will also last well in all types of weather, and they tend to last a bit longer than wood models.

Avoid playsets with a great deal of metal as the hot sun can really raise the temperature of this material. Choosing a sun shade over the swing set makes sense for hot Florida summers as it protects your little ones from sunburn and provides cooler surfaces for children to play on. A sun shade over the swing set can involve small or large portions of shade, depending on your customizable preferences.

Think Longevity

The average lifespan of a child’s “well-loved” playset is about 10 years. Keep in mind, however, that your child will grow and change his abilities and interests over the life of your set. Customizable sets provide options for adaptability, allowing you to alter them as your kids grow older to provide relevant play opportunities.

Kool Kids Shady: Premier Outdoor Playsets Delray Beach

Hours of fun in the sun are made more comfortable with the Kool Kids Shady canopy. Your kiddos will thrive under the high-quality breathable fabric that doesn’t restrict all light or air circulation. Bring back those simple pleasures that playing outdoors can provide you and your children. Contact us today to see how easily we’ll create one of our custom designed playsets for your home.

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How to Prevent Dehydration During Outdoor Play

Kids love playing outdoors. Not only is it fun and exciting, but it provides lots of benefits too! They can get lots of fresh air and sunlight, have the opportunity to run around, get plenty of exercise, and learn healthy socialization skills while playing with other kids.  

Whether you take them to the park or have a backyard set up, there is one important thing to keep in mind! You have to make extra efforts to prevent dehydration during outdoor play. Playground injuries like scrapes and bruises are barely a concern compared to dehydration.   

Dehydration results from excessive exposure to the heat and sun and can result in some severe and dangerous conditions like cramps, exhaustion, and heatstroke. While your kids play outside in the Florida sun, here are some ways you can prevent them from becoming dehydrated:  

1. Ensure Your Kids Are Dressed Appropriately  

The way your kids are dressed will play a significant role in keeping them cool. Loose clothes are a better option than tight clothes, as they allow the body to perspire and let it evaporate. You should also try and have the kids wear light colors since lighter colors reflect heat. As for materials, lightweight linens and breathable cotton are your best bet. A wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses can provide extra protection from the sun and the heat, but we know that kids aren’t always willing to put up with hats and glasses.  

2. Drinks for Staying Hydrated  

The best way to prevent dehydration is by taking in plenty of liquids. Keep an eye on the kids while they play and ensure they drink something every 20 minutes, even if they insist they aren’t thirsty. The best drinks to stay hydrated are water and sugar-free natural juices. To encourage the kids to drink enough, you can give them fun and interesting cups, bottles, and straws, or try adding sliced fruit to the water to make it taste better.  

3. Foods for Staying Hydrated  

Certain foods can also help your kids stay cool and hydrated while playing outside. Encourage the kids to eat snacks between play and make sure they have plenty of options available. Natural produce and foods with high water content are good for preventing dehydration. You can cut up some watermelon chunks for the kids to snack on, some fresh strawberries, or a light and delicious soup.  

4. Stay Inside During Peak Sunlight Hours 

The sun is highest in the sky during peak sunlight hours, and the harmful UV rays are the strongest. These peak hours are usually between 10 am and 2 pm. If possible, stay inside during these hours and avoid going out into the direct sunlight. The kids can play outside early in the morning or later in the afternoon to avoid getting overheated and dehydrated.   

5. Add Shades and Canopies to Outdoor Playsets and Playgrounds  

Do you have outdoor playsets that the kids love playing on? The longer they stay outside playing, the more at risk they are of getting dehydrated. However, keeping outdoor playsets cool during the summer in South Florida is not impossible. You can add shades or invest in a portable canopy to keep the outdoor playtime with your kids safe and cool.  

If you are looking for a playset canopy in Pembroke Pines, FL, look no further; Kool Kid Shady has got you covered. We deal in canopies specifically designed to keep the inside temperatures around 9 to 11 degrees cooler than the outside temperatures. Kool Kid Shady has created these playground canopies to shield your children from the harmful rays of the sun and prevent heatstroke or dehydration. 

You can check out our website or visit our showroom at 4013 West Atlantic Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33445, to check out the available canopies.  

Our Final Thoughts 

If your kids love playing outside, don’t let a little sun or the Florida heat stop them from having fun. We have outlined five ways in which you can prevent your kids from getting dehydrated. Try out all of the things we have mentioned, and hopefully, your kids will be happy, healthy, and hydrated while they play. And they can get to try some delicious and healthy drinks and snacks while they play.   Contact Kool Kid Shady today.

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The Top 4 Ways to Prevent Slide Burns at the Playground

How to Prevent Slide Burns

Summertime is an excellent opportunity for kids to have fun and enjoy outdoor activities even if it’s as simple as an afternoon on the playground. However, it’s important to remember that some risks are associated with these activities, including burn injuries from equipment like playset slides. We will discuss how to prevent burn injuries in your children when they’re out on the playground.

1. Wear Protective Clothing on a Slide

First and foremost, your kids should wear protective clothing when going down a slide and climbing on the rest of the equipment. Instead of shorts and tank tops, consider long pants and shirts with sleeves. Children should also always wear closed-toe shoes, not only to prevent the risk of burned feet on both the ground surfaces and play equipment but to protect feet from getting stepped on by other kids as well.

2. Check the Playground Equipment Temperature

You might already check the playset slides and other playground equipment for any cracks or damages before allowing children to use them. With your hands, you should also test the temperature of the slides, swings, and climbing equipment to see if they’re too hot. Even if it seems like a mild day, the sun can cause temperatures to rise quickly on materials like rubber, metal and plastic.

3. Supervise Your Children Closely

Always supervise your children closely as they play, and make sure they know the risks associated with outdoor activities. When it comes to slides that can cause burns, remember that young children have thinner skin that burns easier. Furthermore, they do not react as quickly to hot surfaces by moving off the slide. They are more likely to start crying, and then you’ll know that something is wrong.

4. Find a Shaded Area

Possibly the best way to prevent burn injuries from the slides and other playground equipment is to try to get your child to only play in areas where there isn’t direct sunlight. Visit the playground early in the morning before it gets too warm or closer to sundown. If you can find a playground with a canopy or shade structure over it to shield kids and the equipment from the sun, that’s even better.

Treating a Burn From a Slide

A first- or second-degree burn will result in red, blistering skin. If your child is injured by a slide that’s too hot, run the affected area under cool water for at least five minutes, longer if the burn is more severe. Dry the area off and apply antibiotic ointment. Wrap the wound loosely in gauze, and be sure to contact your child’s pediatrician.

Stay Safe at the Playground on a Warm Day

Preventing burn injuries is possible while still enjoying summertime activities with your kid. In addition to looking out for hot playground equipment, protect yourself and your kids by applying sunscreen and drinking lots of water.