Days Are Hotter

Kool Kid Shady Sun Canopy
Kool Kid Shady | Sun Shade for Playsets

 Do you know where your kids are?
 Could they be right outside?
 How quickly can they start to swing?
 Or glide down their new slide?
How do we gauge the temperature,
 When playing without cover?
 As parents we must understand,
 Kids don’t like us to hover.
Precautions should be taken,
 When our kids go out to play,
 They do not need a sunburn,
 That would ruin their whole day.
KOOL KID’S here so rest your mind,
 The fun has just begun,
 Our children stay protected,
 Up until the day is done.

KOOL KID SHADY is a unique concept in the prevention and protection of our children from the sun’s harmful rays. The re-design of standard playground equipment has brought a child’s outdoor experience to a new level.

KOOL KID SHADY enhances each playset giving it a finished look in your backyard, playground, and schoolyard while continuing to protect our children.

The KKS canopy with its 5-rotation motion is the barrier between our kids and the hot weather forces that can cause them harm now and later in life. Our specialty fabric allows air, light, and wind to flow, keeping our children cooler, safer, and happier. The KKS canopy maintains a temperature factor of 10-12 degrees cooler when our kids go undercover.

Global warming has created a market for protection. The Pandemic has made us think of protecting many areas of our lives. Fixing the global warming issue will take some time, however, we can fix the problem that exists outside your back door NOW!

Our Mission is to protect our children from the sun’s toxic rays. Our goal is to let kids be kids by giving them the best outdoor experience we can, safely.