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Design A Kool Kid Shady System This Spring

A canopy shade system adds a lot of aesthetic value to the playground because it is designed to look funky and cool and comes in vivid colors. There is more to a canopy system than just that, though. People prefer to bring their kids to a playground with a canopy system because of the many benefits it can have. 

A Kool Kid Shady canopy system is one of the best choices for a canopy system you can find around you. Installing it will attract kids to the swings because they will see a cool-looking canopy. Playgrounds with canopies are generally more attractive to children, and a Kool Kid Shady system is exactly what it needs this spring.  

Why Should You Add a Kool Kid Shady System? 

There are many reasons why a Kool Kid Shady system is what you need this spring. It will keep the playground flooded with kids all year round. Parents too prefer to take their kids to the playground that has a canopy.  

Here are some of the benefits: 

Offers Sun Protection 

One of the biggest disadvantages of playing outside in the daytime is sun exposure. Yes, sunscreen is a very valid option but good luck trying to put sunscreen on kids every two hours! And even if we do consistently ask kids to wear sunscreen, it will only benefit more if there is a canopy protecting them from the direct sun.  

The Kool Kid Shady system helps provide shade to the kids in the playground and the structures underneath. This makes parents less hesitant to send their kids to play. In fact, even the parents might find a nice place to relax under the shade with the help of this canopy system.  

Moderates Temperature 

When the sun is out, it gets hot. Depending on what day of the year it is, it could get unbearably hot during some months. Even the swings and the structures in the playground would be burning hot, and kids would be hesitant to play leading to disappointment.  

The canopy provides just enough shade to keep the kids and the swings cool during the day. The structures would be moderately warm, and kids can play to their heart’s content.  

Too much heat can also be bad for the children as they might get dehydrated or even suffer from a heat stroke. Not only does it take care of the health of the children, worried parents too can relax knowing their kids are safe. 

Preserves the Structures Underneath 

The sun, the heat, dust, and all kinds of environmental conditions can decrease the lifespan of the playground structures. Be it plastic or metal, leaving anything out without shade for too long will eventually ruin it.  

Therefore, installing a Kool Kid Shady system will help preserve the playground equipment for a long time, making the canopy an economic investment too! 

Protects Against Drastic Weather Changes 

Weather conditions can be unpredictable and can ruin anything left outside for a while. Of course, playground equipment is no different. Rainwater can rust metal structures and compromise the strength and quality of the structures. 

Therefore a canopy will help when the weather is unpredictable, keeping the playground equipment safe so the kids can have a blast as soon as the weather is back to normal.  

How To Add The Kool Kid Shady System To Your Playground? 

There are many ways to integrate the Kool Kid Shady system into your playground. Some of the most common ways include the following: 

Covering The Whole Playground Structure: 

The Kool Kid Shady system can cover all the playground equipment in the area, making it a great place for kids to use any time and for parents to relax under the shade on a bench. Kool Kid Shady offers a variety of colors and a SUNSURE solar screen, which will keep the playground cool and fun all day.  

Covering Specific Swings: 

Sometimes you may want to cover specific swings instead of all the structures. Kool Kid Shady offers smaller canopies to cover swings which you can use to cover anything that experiences the most sun exposure or equipment that might get too hot when the sun is out.  

Covering Small Areas: 

The Kool Kid Shady system can also allow you to add shade to smaller areas of the playground, such as the benches where people sit or a stage where someone might perform. It is a very versatile canopy that you can Install with ease. 

Prevention is the best protection. Why not install a Kool Kid Shady System for your kids this spring so their playtime is safe and fun. Our experts can help you decide what exactly to opt for that suits your needs. Contact Kool Kid Shady specialists or call (561) 330-4347; (561) 441-1295 to know more.