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Do You Need an Outdoor Playset Canopy?

Outdoor Playset Sunshade

Outdoor Playsets can be a superb accessory for your backyard. They provide both aesthetic and function. Wooden playsets are classic and seem to blend in with the surroundings. However, playsets are on the expensive side and can take up a lot of space in your backyard. However, buying a playset will have your kids love you. They’re a convenient way for you to keep your kids away from their screens and occupied in the garden. 

Since you’ve spent a lot of money and effort into placing them in the backyard, you also want them to last for a long while. As far as longevity goes, wooden playsets will last you for a period. You can extend their life by buying an outdoor playset canopy. South Florida and other tropical locations tend to get very humid and wet during winters. You must have some protection against all of this. 

An outdoor playset canopy will protect your playset against what ages it the most, weather.  Thus, you should invest in one.

What Is an Outdoor Playset? 

It is a structure raised in the backyard of some homes and in parks for children to play on and around. They can be a great source of entertainment for young children. They’re also easy to assemble and come with several activities for your child to engage in. 

They have a few typical components. The components are necessary to the structure of any playset. They are as follows:

  1. Towers
  2. Bridges
  3. Ladders
  4. Sandboxes 
  5. Slides
  6. Swings
  7. Monkey bars

In the early years, exposure to these kinds of activities is beneficial for children. It helps them build muscles and get in physical activity regularly. It helps with their growth as exercise exacerbates hunger. 

What Is an Outdoor Playset Canopy?

As we’ve mentioned before, outdoor playsets have a lot of use. They are beneficial, so we would want them to last for a long while. One of the aspects of a playset that degrades the earliest is its canopy. Outdoor playset canopies are the hoods that cover the towers. The material of this canopy tends to get ruined very easily. Thus, it’s a necessity to replace it. 

Why Should You Replace the Outdoor Playset Canopy: South Florida?

One of the first things that you would have to replace is the outdoor playset canopy. South Florida and other tropical areas face a lot of moisture and humidity, so they degrade the canopy of the outdoor playset more easily. 

If you don’t replace the canopy in time, worse things can happen. For example, when wet canopies don’t dry, there’s the problem of mildew or mold forming on the canopy. Once mold forms, your children are at risk of disease. The effect of mildew is relatively less compared to mold. However, it’s also just as present. 

Furthermore, the outdoor playset canopy also protects the playset itself. If the canopy isn’t intact, your playset will also disintegrate in due time. If rain falls and tears through your canopy, the wood or plastic will have to face rainwater. This water may seep to the joints of the playset, which may creak, shake, and weaken. Hence, you need to replace the outdoor playset canopy as soon as you can.

How Do You Replace an Outdoor Playset Canopy?

We know now that you have to replace your outdoor playset canopy as soon as you see it wearing away, but how exactly will you do this? 

The first thing you have to do is prepare a canopy or buy one. You should use a tape measure and measure the dimensions of the canopy you currently have at the seam. Once you’ve done that, you can find a similar replacement. 

A replacement can cost you up to $50. If you’re hoping to save money, you can always get material and stitch it together. This task is time-consuming, so you should ensure you have a durable outdoor playset canopy. South Florida also has a rainy season, and replacement should occur before this time. You should be aware of the weather conditions wherever you are, so you don’t inflict further damage on your playset. 

Final Thoughts 

You do need an outdoor playset canopy. It protects your outdoor playset from harm via weathering. It makes the playset last you for a long time. Therefore, you must replace it as soon as it starts weathering away. You should also ensure that it doesn’t develop a mold or fungus so your children can be safe. 

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