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Everything You Need To Know About Kool Kids Shady

Kool Kid Shady Canopy

Kool Kids Shady is a company that produces canopies that aid in protecting children from damaging ultraviolet rays from the sun. 

The canopies are made of premium quality construction materials that are durable, resilient, and highly effective in protecting children and adults from hot temperatures and harmful sunrays. 

You can expect to find the best Canopy Outdoor Playsets in West Palm Beach, Fl Florida, from Kool Kids Shady. 

Here’s what you need to know before you make the final purchase. 

Why Sunrays Are Bad For Kids 

Too much unprotected exposure to sun rays can damage the skin, eyes, and immune system. 

Some sun exposure is vital because it enables vitamin D production in the body. 

However, prolonged exposure can result in sunburn and other conditions like skin cancer and premature aging. 

Our biology plays a factor in determining tolerance to the sun, and those with lower levels of melanin tend to suffer more side effects. 

Melanin is a skin pigment that blocks out some of the UV rays, which is why people with darker skin are relatively resistant to sunburn. 

Another effect you can expect from sun exposure is tanning. 

Tanning occurs when your skin develops more melanin in response to the sun, but it isn’t enough to protect yourself from the possibility of skin cancers such as melanoma. 

In many cases, ultraviolet rays interact with melanin, which protects against any harmful effects. 

Melanin absorbs ultraviolet rays and acts as a deterrent against skin damage. 

You are likely to get sunburnt when the exposure to ultraviolet rays is greater than the ability to absorb it. 

Some exposure is beneficial and should not be avoided entirely, as vitamin D plays a part in the body’s healthy functioning. 

A preventive measure you can take is applying sunscreen lotion on your skin, blocking ultraviolet rays from affecting the sun. 

Constructing canopies over children’s playsets can also be an excellent option for you, especially since young children are spontaneous and play outside daily. It can be difficult trying to get them to wear sunscreen all the time. 

Kool Kids Shady Canopies 

The canopies are used to block a modest amount of sunrays so that children can spend as much time as they want near the playground in their homes. 

The canopies do not block all the air from the environment, which allows for adequate air circulation that is a must for children playing in their backyards. 

Your kids are also protected from sun damage because the canopies filter out some of the rays, providing a lower temperature for children not to overexert themselves. 

Canopies are the perfect choice for keeping kids cool and out of toxic sunrays without sacrificing their outdoor activities. 

The Kool Kid Shady Canopy is constructed using the most premium quality sports fabric and is adjustable and moveable in terms of coverage and location. 

Long-term exposure to sunrays can develop life-long medical conditions in children, which is why it’s the perfect choice for adding to your back garden. 

The playset canopies involve the usage of solar screen fabrics that Kool Kid Shady develops to maintain proper airflow and allow light to penetrate its layers, blocking only the harmful effects of the sun. 

The temperature is much lower under the canopy, up to 12 degrees cooler, so that kids do not suffer from the effects of dehydration. 

The Ray-Filtration System makes it possible to enjoy long hours in the afternoon playing with your children while preventing the harmful effects of the Florida sun. 

Quality, Workmanship, and Assembly 

Kool Kid Shady has the highest standards compared to other products because of its unique craftsmanship and use of premium materials. 

A lot of time and care goes into constructing the solar protection canopy. 

The aluminum frame is exceptionally durable and rust-free, with structural integrity that makes it ideal for long-term use without the possibility of damage or deterioration. 

It is lightweight, weatherproof, and mildew resistant, making it easy to handle. 

Kool Kid Shady has taken the market by storm with its excellent products and has excellent customer reviews and satisfaction. 

When you think of Kool Kid Shady, you can’t help but think of outdoor fun with the family while being protected from the sun. 

Its assembly is pretty straightforward and comes with an installation manual that provides you with a step-by-step guide for construction. 

The company also offers installation as a service upon request of its customers. 

Final Thoughts 

Spending time playing with kids can be a deep bonding experience between family members, and doing it safely ensures health and longevity. 

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