How to Stay Kool during a Pandemic

How to Stay Kool during a Pandemic

No more slathering, no more fuss.

Can we be friends with Mr. Sun,
When outside for the day?
Or will he shine so brightly,
That we can’t stay out and play.

To hang on to the monkey bars,
Or swing on the new tire,
And yell, “Ahoy there, Mate,
When their face is red as fire.

KOOL KID SHADY’s over-head,
For kids who want some fun,
It’s kooler when you’re underneath,
Not facing Mr. Sun.

KOOL KID SHADY knows the effect COVID19 has had on our children, our families and our schools.

Our ability or inability to remain “kool” during the pandemic gave one question a new meaning, “Can I go
outside and play?”

We want our kids to be safe and we want our kids to be happy. We want them to be kids for as long as the can.

The Pandemic stripped away many childhood experiences for kids. We have been given the ability to create
an atmosphere unburdened by Mr. Sun or the pandemic.

For a parent’s peace of mind, KKS designed a canopy that gives affirmation that when we answer YES to the
question, we are confident that our kids are playing safely outside without fear of getting burnt or sick from
the sun’s harmful rays.

As the pandemic continues, backyards have become up-graded schoolyards and playgrounds. A child’s safe retreat
is a parent’s dream and KKS is known for making kid’s dreams come true!

Boredom and frustration indoors have been replaced with fresh air and laughter outdoors.
Our “fun in the sun prevention-protection” canopy is made of the highest-quality materials. Unique craftmanship
and our forward-thinking design, has made KOOL KID SHADY a household name.

We know that playing is a natural part of a child’s growth, mentally and physically.

KOOL KID SHADY knows the importance of a healthy childhood and provides what is needed for our kids to play safely.
Its 5-rotation motion creates the barrier between the child and the sun, having the capability of being
repositioned along with the sun.

The KKS canopy fits on any playset and will withstand heavy winds and severe weather conditions while remaining
lightweight and durable.

Our Mission is prevention-protection against the sun’s toxic rays. Our goal is for children to have fun safely.
We have achieved them both.

We make your answer,
Easier to say,
Smiles sure beat a sunburn,
When our children are at play.