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How to Upkeep Outdoor Playsets

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If you have young children, they may have asked for a playset for the backyard. Playsets can provide a lot of fun for young ones. You may find that the neighborhood kids will visit your home more if you have a playset. However, playsets do require some maintenance.

Think About What You Need Before Purchasing

Before buying the playground equipment, make sure it fits your yard space well. You want to make sure that when you install it, it is secure enough to withstand the weight of the children playing on the equipment and durable enough to endure rough play without needing to be repaired every week.

Figure out what kind of activities your children would like to do on the playground to choose the appropriate equipment. You also want to think about how often the equipment will be used as well as its location in the yard. Planning is the first step in making maintenance easier.

Inspect Regularly

Unaddressed small issues almost always turn into big issues. Therefore, it is important for you to inspect your playground equipment on a regular basis. This is to ensure that the equipment is functional and safe for the kids to play on. If you notice a minor issue, you can nip it in the bud before it becomes a major problem.

Usually, inspecting the playset once or twice a month should be more than enough. If you find that the playset is being used every day, you may want to inspect it once a week. You want to address any issues that come up during the inspection as soon as possible.

Make Sure the Structure Is Safe

Sometimes, bolts can get loose or fall out. In order to maintain the integrity of the play structure, you need to either tighten or replace the bolts. This is especially true if your playset has different parts like slides and swings or the neighborhood kids are visiting the playset often.

You also want to check to see if there is any sign of rust or warped plastic. If you find these issues present, repair them immediately. Waiting to fix these issues can lead to you spending more money on repairs. Maintaining the play structure is cheaper than replacing them.

Clean the Playground Equipment Regularly

Cleaning your playground equipment is one of the simplest ways you can help it last for as long as possible. Make time in your schedule to clean it at least twice a week. Try to dust once a day so as not to damage your equipment. Creating a cleaning schedule will help you keep up with it.

To clean the playset, you only need soap and water. Chemical cleaners are harmful to children. So, you should avoid using them. You can use a wet cloth or sponge to wipe down the playset

Areas that experience high traffic especially need to be cleaned thoroughly. These areas can be a breeding ground for viruses. Regular cleaning is necessary for hygiene, and it will have the playset looking tidy. You want to disinfect the play structures once a week.

Address Damage Quickly

Any damage you notice on the playset, regardless of how small it is, needs to be addressed as soon as possible. Not addressing the damage can lead to more costly damage down the road.

There are some situations where you cannot fix the damage, and you have to replace the whole playground structure. The good news is most of the minor damages can be taken care of pretty easily. You can hire a playground equipment expert to help you fix the damage. Ultimately, you want the playset to be safe for children.

Prepare to Replace Your Playset

You may notice some wear and tear if your playset is over ten years old. Therefore, you want to create a replacement plan for when your playset gets old. When looking for a replacement, you want to factor in your children’s age as well as what their needs are.

This allows you to replace the equipment your children no longer use with one they will enjoy more. Planning for a replacement can help you save money and make the replacement easier.

The Wrap Up

Maintaining your outdoor playsets in Delray Beach does not have to be hard. All it requires is some planning and organization. Inspect your playset regularly for damage. Make sure the structure is safe. You want to clean it regularly. Take care of damage when you see it. Prepare for the time when you have to replace your playset. Contact Kool Kid Shady to learn more about our nice selection of outdoor playsets in Delray Beach.