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Protect Your Children with Solar Outdoor Covering

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Children love going to the park to free their wild spirits. As a cautious parent, you may be curtailing their public park activities in light of Covid-19 and the new variants. So, we recommend bringing the playground into your own backyard. This way is safer and more convenient. When you contact the professional staff at Kool Kid Shady, we go the extra mile to protect your children with our outdoor covering. We believe that prevention is the best form of protection, which is why we offer a full line-up of high-quality solar canopies to protect your kids against South Florida’s harmful UV rays. 

Sun Damage is No Joke 

If there is one thing your child should never leave the house without, it’s high-spectrum sunscreen. Why is that? Constant sun exposure can lead to several skin conditions, from sunburn to skin cancer. Sun damage may be more prevalent when we age, but you shouldn’t neglect to protect your children in every possible way. Sun exposure can cause sunburn without proper protection and in extreme cases, skin cancer. But what else can extensive exposure to harmful UV rays cause? Let’s have a look: 

  • Freckles – any new freckles should be closely monitored 
  • Sunburns on your lips – ouch!
  • Non-melanoma skin cancer – this refers to two common types of skin cancer that are often caused by sun exposure 
  • Melanoma – the least common, but the deadliest type of skin cancer 

So, as you can see, protection matters. We recommend slathering your children (and yourself!) in the recommended amount of sunscreen. Additionally, while they are playing on the backyard playset, equip it with a solar canopy, which we sell in Boca Raton. 

Now let’s look at the benefits of utilizing one of our canopies. 

Children Can Play Even When it’s Hot 

It’s always hot in South Florida, but some days are more unbearable than others. The bright rays, intense heat, and humidity can take a toll on anybody, even sprightly kids. Adding shade to your playset allows kids to enjoy backyard activities even during harsh weather. They can stay active longer, rather than being inside, playing video games, or binging cartoons. In general, a shade can make their play space about 20 degrees F cooler, which not only protects the kids from fatigue but the playset from getting too hot. 

Without a canopy, playsets will get hot to the touch. If your kids decide to play, this can result in burns and other injuries. All parents would rather avoid that. Let’s not forget the extra protection can reduce wear and tear that occurs over time.

Equipment Protection 

We briefly touched on this advantage, but let us expand. As you may have already guessed, canopies can protect the life of your equipment. Since backyard playsets are an investment, you want them to last for many years – or at least until your kids get tired of them. Materials such as plastic and wood will not fair well in hot temperatures. As a result, this can cause warping, cracking, and other hazards that can impair your child’s safety.

UV Ray Protection 

Solar canopies offer an extra boost of UV protection. As you already know, exposure to UV rays has detrimental consequences. We still recommend that your children wear sunscreen, but rest assured that your canopy will protect them better than certain sunscreens and hats. 

DIY or Professional Installation? 

Installing a canopy yourself is more convenient and affordable than hiring a professional, and our canopies are easy to install. If you find the installation to be tricky, we recommend hiring a professional that you trust, like the team at Kool Kid Shady. If you find that it’s too difficult to install, you may do it incorrectly. Experts have years of experience, licenses, and the confidence to do the job correctly.

Contact Kool Kid Shady 

There is no better business to choose in Boca Raton. Our canopies are made from the highest quality sports material that filters out 98% of all rays. They will keep your kids 10-12° F cooler while they’re playing. Uniquely crafted with a mill-finished aluminum frame, they have the structural integrity for long-term use. They are also weather and mildew resistant and are easy to handle. 

For an outdoor covering in South Florida, contact Kool Kid Shady. Call (561) 499-0077 or visit our showroom.