I never would have imagined that my son would want to play outside with his friends in 90 degree weather, but he does! Under the KKS canopy it is actually 12 degrees cooler!! He use to play mindless games on the computer in the afternoon and now he invites his friends over to play in the shade of the Kool Kid Shady canopy. He is actually learning to interact with his friends and not sit in front of a computer screen.

Samuel A.

Atlanta, GA


I wish I had this when I was a kid! This is amazing!

Kimberly D.

Boca Raton, FL


As a mother of three all under the age of 10, "fighting" to apply sunscreen or forcing my kids to wear T-shirts in the Florida heat for the 5 minutes that they were actually outside, was a huge undertaking. I got agitated at the thought and most of the time surrendered to their wanting to stay inside and watch a movie. The Kool Kid Shady canopy eliminated this problem. Now we are ALL excited to go outside and play in the shade under the KOOL KID SHADY canopy. Thank you!

Jennifer C.

Plantation, FL


We fell in love with the Kool Kid Shady canopy and the protection it provided to our children when playing outdoors. Amazingly, our HOA felt the same way. They not only APPROVED the appearance and installation but purchased one for the community playground!!!

Jeremy and Leslie P.

Pt. St. Lucie, FL


Kool Kid Shady has changed the meaning of being a "protective mother". I don't tell and they don't ask. All my kids know is they are having a great time playing outside in the shade of a beautiful canopy. All I know is I have provided them with the ultimate protection from the sun. I sleep very well at night.

Audrey L.

Boca Raton, FL


Never in my life would I have imagined that what I did as a child or teen would haunt me forever. The days of baby oil, iodine and aluminum foil are gone, however health issues remain. When I played outside as a kid there was no coverage from the sun and to be honest, the sun was not an issue like today.

The word "pre-cancerous" is almost as scary as the word "cancerous" as it means you are "pre-disposed" to a problem that you have no idea when and if it will occur. My parents didn't discourage my sun-worshipping, nor did they encourage it, but like everyone, I liked the glow.

Hind sight is 20/20. I can't get that time back but I can certainly keep my kid healthy by taking the first step, putting the KKS canopy over their playset to prevent any sun damage.

I'm protecting them from future problems and they don't even know it!!!!!

Roberta M.

Mt. Pleasant, SC


Simple, simple, simple. Price, assembly, "play/not pay for it" time. Outdoor fun at its best. Thank you, Kool Kid Shady.

Brian B.

Vero Beach, FL


My mom made we write this! No sunscreen when I'm swinging. All my friends want to come play at MY house. My mom says that this is what it's like to be a "kid". I am a kid, I don't know what she is talking about.

I think SHE wishes she was a kid again. She tells me that I'm protected........I tell her, "I am finally popular!"

I think she needs her own swing set with her own KKS canopy. Lol

Joey R.

Tallahassee, FL


No pain, no gain? When it comes to a sunburn there is nothing to gain from the pain. Our daughter having had many sunburns as a toddler playing on her swing set, discovered the Kool Kid Shady canopy on the internet. Degrees cooler, blocks the sun's rays, easy assembly and rotates along with the sun.

The nights of pain, applying creams, hearing screams and feeling like HELPLESS PARENTS are gone!!!! The best thing is when she goes to sleep at night she can't wait to do it all over again tomorrow. Now that's priceless.

Margaret and Gary M.

Naples, FL


I use to love the rain because it relieved me of the parental duty (and abuse) of trying to apply sunscreen for my daughter to swing on her swing set for 15 minutes. Thanks to Kool Kid Shady, the rain is a welcomed inside day and the sun a welcomed outside day in the shade. Under the Kool Kid Shady canopy, our indoor pajama parties and our outdoor fun in the "shade" parties are both treasured moments, not dreaded moments.

Tiffany G.

Macon, GA


As an older father, I remember what it was like to play outside. My daughter didn't know this until I found the KKS canopy. Finally, she can have fun in her own backyard doing what she loves best.....swinging, sliding, laughing and just being a 6 year old kid. Kool Kid Shady has my vote!

Patrick D.

West Palm Beach, FL


My kids only get to enjoy the sun 6 months out of the year. Those 6 months can be brutal.

Thank you Kool Kid for making those 6 months fun and care-free for all of us. It's a beautiful addition to our playset.

Brenden S.

Long Branch, NJ

ā€œIā€™d like more days like today!ā€