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Why It’s Important to Stay Cool and Have Shade Outdoors This Summer

Parents have been coming up with innovative ways to keep their kids cool in the summertime for years. From different types of clothing to letting them run through sprinklers, parents will always find a way to keep their children from suffering through the hottest months of the year. Continue reading to discover a few new and inventive ways to keep your kids cool. Keeping your children cool is important, but it’s just as equally important to protect them from the dangers of the Sun.


Unique DIY Ideas

This inventive idea will make your kid feel like they’re on the beaches of Hawaii no matter where they are. All you need are some pieces of string and a few cheap sponges. Cut the sponges into small shapes and run the string through each one, creating a makeshift Hawaiin Luau. Soak the sponges in cool water and send them outside for a few minutes. Not only will the water in the sponge keep them cooler, but they can have fun with it too.


You can make a cheap DIY sprinkler system with a few water noodles. Just take a needle and make several holes in all directions of a water noodle. Plug up one end of the noodle by gluing it shut and shove the end of a water hose in the other end. Your kids will have a blast running and jumping through this cheap sprinkler.


Playset Canopies

Kids spend lots of time on their playsets. It’s likely your child’s go-to location once they get outside. Finding shade for a swing set in Delray Beach is easy if you know where to look.


You’ve likely seen a sunshade canopy in South Florida before, but unless you’ve seen the Kool Kid Shady Canopy, you likely haven’t seen what’s possible with these types of coverings. Using any old outdoor covering in South Florida simply doesn’t have the same effect as the Kool Kid’s variety.


It’s made from professional quality materials like SUNSURE, a special solar screen fabric that allows airflow and light while blocking certain spectrums of light. It’s able to effectively block out dangerous UV waves while not trapping heat underneath. In fact, it filters out 98% of all rays.


Installation is even provided when requested, so people looking for a shade for a swing set in Delray Beach should look no further than Kool Kid Shady. There’s simply no better sunshade canopy in South Florida.


Don’t settle for any old material when considering an outdoor covering in South Florida. You might think that you will keep your kids safe, but some materials will actually hold in heat, causing more harm than good. Contact Kool Kids Shady today to see exactly what they can do to make your child’s playset area an even better experience.