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About Kool Kid Shady

The KOOL KID SHADY CANOPY is made from the highest quality sports material. Our moveable/adjustable Boca Raton playset canopy for sale hovers over your child’s playset and FILTERS OUT 98% OF ALL RAYS that pass “effortlessly’ through the OZONE layer, the shield surrounding the earth. These RAYS make up the majority of TOXIC SUN EXPOSURE RAYS that can potentially threaten your child’s well-being as well as create life-long medical issues.

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I’m the real KOOL KID SHADY but you call me “Kool”,
I know what you’re doing we learn it in school.
Earth-warming is real,
but I’m real too,
And sometimes our parents just don’t know what to do.
I’m the KID with the SHADES,
I’m the warrior of light,
I’ll push off your RAYS till their clear outta sight.
Between you and me SUN we got the raw deal,
Cause you’ll never know the pain of a burn that won’t heal!

Quality & Craftsmanship

KOOL KID SHADY has surpassed all standards. Unique craftsmanship, high-quality materials, construction, and care have
gone into the making of our Boca Raton solar protection playset canopy. The mill-finished aluminum frame has structural
integrity for long-term use, is lightweight, durable, weather and mildew-resistant, and easy to handle.
KOOL KID SHADY has quickly become a household name for FUN IN THE SUN PROTECTION AND FAMILY OUTDOOR